Enzo Paulinich

Enzo Paulinich was born in Rovigo (Veneto region) to an Istrian father and a Tuscan mother. The new-born baby arrived in Latina (Lazio region) with his swaddling-bands still damp because of flooding.  Ever since he was a little boy, he has shown an inclination towards figurative art and mathematics.

His parents thought the latter could be put to better use ("to obtain some kind of degree?") and convinced him to study technical subjects. He left the engineering faculty and dropped out of his degree course in electronics - when he had eight examinations left to take - to try his luck at a company that designed and produced industrial consumer gadgets. He was first assigned to the programming of microprocessors and afterwards to industrial controls. He had to deal with any possible kind of product ranging from pharmaceuticals to foodstuff, to brickworks and boxes of washing-powder. He could find no peace, so he became a computer programmer and a systems analyst. Then, eventually, once his mathematical vein had run out and his passion for formulas and algorithms had been assuaged, he rediscovered another old passion of his: photography. Prompted by his wife's desire to have a camcorder, he could not think of anything better than devoting himself to the audio-visual sector. Sports offered him the first opportunity. In 2005, he started making documentaries for Major League Baseball and then for the FIBS (the Italian Federation of Baseball and Softball). In November 2005, he was contacted by the extreme mountaineer Daniele Nardi, for whom he made a documentary on the conquest of the Shishapangma (8,011 m). In 2007, Nardi - who could not keep still for a moment - conquered K2 (8,611 m) and, in 2008, this achievement was made into a film, "K2 Freedom", directed and edited by Paulinich. In 2006, "only" to do a favour for a friend stage actress, he made a short: "L'ultima lettera" (The Last Letter); Paulinich was in charge of photography, co-direction and screenplay, moreover - just for the sake of standing out - he set it in the 18th century. In 2007, his passion for archaeology led him to make a documentary on the excavations of the legendary Norba, the ancient Roman city on the Lepini Mountains (Lazio region). The shooting was completed in 2009. Paulinich is now working on a new documentary, a musical one this time, on young blues musicians. Moreover, another archaeological documentary - two, as a matter of fact - is also under way, not to mention a third one on a Renaissance painter. Will he make it?

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