Renato Chiocca

He was born in Rieti (Lazio region) to a Neapolitan family. Renato Chiocca graduated in Communication Science and attended the introductory seminar on direction at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome. He has been Mimmo

Calopresti's assistant director and Daniele Luchetti's assistant. He has worked, among others, with Paolo Sorrentino, Alessandro Piva and Gianfranco Pannone. His shorts and documentaries - including Il principiante (2004), Mattotti (2006), Il profumo della primavera (2007), Nanga Parbat - La montagna nuda (2008), Differenti (2009), Chance Encounter on the Tiber (2010) - have been projected in Italy, France, Switzerland, Spain, England, Brazil, United States and China.

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