Vincenzo Notaro

Vincenzo Notaro was born on 11 March 1979 in Naples, where he spent his childhood as a scugnizzo (Neapolitan urchin). In the mid-90s he moved to Latina (Lazio region), where his carefree nature gave way to an increasingly muddy and marshy - almost stagnant - character. When he was 19, he tried to disentangle himself from Latina's quicksand by moving to Bologna


Enzo Paulinich

Enzo Paulinich was born in Rovigo (Veneto region) to an Istrian father and a Tuscan mother. The new-born baby arrived in Latina (Lazio region) with his swaddling-bands still damp because of flooding.  Ever since he was a little boy, he has shown an inclination towards figurative art and mathematics.

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